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A super fun way to spend a few hours

Jul 9th 2015

Ski Movie Music is an online database for the soundtrack to every ski movie since 1996. If you are anything like us, when you hear a song on the radio, it triggers a ski movie scene in your mind. An … read more

How skis are made

Jul 9th 2015

Its time to geek out on some ski construction techniques and factory tours. Have Fun.Moment skisLine skis … read more

Backcountry Freeskier Coupon Code

Jul 9th 2015

Hopefully this will help beat the summer heat.Visit our website, Backcountry Freeskier, and use this coupon code to receive an additional 10% off our already low prices: 10-more … read more

New shop edit dropped

Jul 9th 2015

We just dropped out latest shop edit featuring local skiers Jake Fagrelius and Ian Hamilton.Filmed, produced, and edited by Trimmings Media. … read more

Skiing + Beer = Winning

Jul 9th 2015

What is gelande quaffing you ask? Years ago in Jackson Hole, a few members of the legendary Jackson Hole Air Force were having a some beers at the Bear Claw (now Village Cafe) while waiting out a stor … read more
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