Booster Ski Boot Strap

$37.95 - $42.95
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Product Overview

The Booster Ski Boot Strap wraps around the top of your ski boot cuff to secure the lower leg, eliminating the need to over-tighten buckles. The Booster Strap instantly improves ski control by dynamically bonding the calf to the boot, providing increased rebound power and turn initiation. You will never use the standard velcro strap again.

The Booster Strap will: 
Revitalize boots that have become sloppy over time. 
Elastically bond the boot to your leg. 
Provides better boot performance and ski response. 
Eliminate upper cuff "play." 
Reduce shin bang.

All Models have a metal cam buckle for super-easy closure.

The Booster Ski Boot Strap can be permanently installed for greater tensioning.

Sold in pairs.

The Booster Strap comes in 3 different models. Selection is based on ability and weight:
World Cup 240+ lbs.
Expert 185-240 lbs.
Intermediate 125-185 lbs.

// 21-11-2019