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Product Overview

The Faction Dictator 4.0 is a hard charging ski due to its solid flex pattern and dual titanal layer.  The 115mm waist underfoot keeps you floating through the powder, while the dual-radius sidecut and taper tip and tail will help you turn in technical conditions.

The Dictator 4.0 skis are the weapon of choice for the freeskiers out there looking to charge steep lines, float in the powder and stomp cliffs for when you decide to send it.

The Dictator 4.0 is built to negotiate 50 degree sharky steep and send off huge cliffs into champagne powder. Dual Titanal keeps you locked in, your turn in control and your speed fast while a 115mm waist width provides a boatful of float in the deep and chopped up snow as well as a whole load of landing gear when you decide to send it.

With a lightweight Paulownia/Poplar core built for the backcountry, coupled with two full layers of Titanal for GS-ready stability, the Dictator 4.0 has a need for speed.  The titanal layers give excellent torsional strength and responsiveness.  Titanal is strong and light and also has excellent dampening properties. 

The Dictator 4.0 skis have a long sidecut in the tail lets you open it up for steep, charging turns, whilst the shorter sidecut and rocker in the tip keep it nimble and under control.  

Dual Radius Sidecut
Borrowed from world-cup race skis, two different radii on the one ski - a tighter radius forward of the boot centre coupled with a 20% larger sidecut behind - increases the edge-to-edge responsiveness so you can carve short turns whilst retaining high speed stability and control through the tail of the ski.

Turn those powder 8s in dollar signs $$.

All Faction skis are backed by a 2-year warranty.

Tip. Waist. Tail:  141-116-131mm
Lengths:  179, 185, 191cm 
Radius:  23m @ 185cm
Weight: 2170 @ 185cm grams per ski
Tip rocker:  10mm rise over 380mm
Tail rocker:  5mm rise over 320mm
Camber:  3mm

Die-cut Ptex 300
Brushed topsheet
Flex 9 out of 10

In front of the binding, a shorter radius sidecut provides quick response and control for tighter turns while a longer radius in the tail keeps you stable, feeling solid when you’re charging. The result is a ski that surfs seamlessly between different turn angles and never drags.

The mix of these two woods results in a lightweight core with excellent responsiveness and rebound, complimenting and offsetting the two full layers of Titanal metal sandwiched on either side of it.

Its isotropic qualities, equally strong in all directions, mean that the ski loves being on an edge, blasts through bumps and feels stable even in changeable snow, making it the perfect chassis for a holy grail, hard-charging freeride ski.

Surf Zone tech unites Rocker and Tip Taper design to make sure these two key features work in harmony. Rocker provides float and facilitates pivoting, while a Tapered Tip moves the widest part of the ski closer to the centre and removes unwanted hooking.

Traditional flat tail design is built for speed, ultimate edge grip and control throughout charging turns. Brought into the modern day with a slight tail rocker, this shape is easier than ever to slash your turn into a slarve and won’t hook up in fresh conditions.

// 21-11-2019