Elan Pinball Pro Junior Skis

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Product Overview

The Elan Pinball Pro Junior Skis have a smooth and easy to ride twin tip design that was created specifically for junior skiers. With the Early Rise Rocker profile and the smooth and forgiving Synflex core, the Elan Pinball Pro delivers an easy skiing and forgiving performance for kids to advance in skiing and take their first steps in the park.

Innovative U-Flex Technology makes the flex of the ski 25% softer compared to a standard construction. This ski makes skiing fun from the very first steps on the snow. Turn easier and enhance skill development with this design that is perfect for kids.  

NOTE:  Bindings are included.


Length: 105cm
Tip/Waist/Tail:  105/72/97mm
Turn Radius: 6.9m

Length: 115cm
Tip/Waist/Tail:  110/81/105mm
Turn Radius: 8.8m

Length: 125cm
Tip/Waist/Tail: 110/81/105mm
Turn Radius: 9.6m

Length: 135cm
Tip/Waist/Tail: 112/81.5/107mm
Turn Radius: 10.9m

Length: 145cm
Tip/Waist/Tail: 114/82/109mm
Turn Radius: 12.3m


U-Flex technology is a unique construction and profile that allows a junior ski to be 25 % more flexible than the industry standard. With adding the lightweight Synflex core, Full Power Cap construction and Early Rise Rocker profile, U-Flex skis allow kids to learn to ski on their edges from day 1. This unique and patented technology enables easy learning and a better learning experience.

Early Rise Rocker in Elan’s skis is the reason for smooth and effortless turns thanks to a moderate amount of rocker in the tip and tail, which increases the ski’s playfulness, ease and versatility.

The Quick Shift System is a fully integrated ski binding system with a softer free flex plate-in-plate design. Its lean profile is constructed with lightweight composites and a softer plate that perfectly complements the U-Flex ski design, making turning effortless.

Full Power Cap is a traditional cap construction that is light, easy to turn and forgiving.

The Synflex Core boasts varying densities of material along the length of the ski for supreme performance levels. It is a lightweight synthetic core featuring an optimal flex distribution.

A Fibreglass reinforcement optimizes the flex pattern and enhances torsional rigidity of the ski. The fibers are positioned either above or below the ski core and improve the ski’s structural integrity.

// 21-11-2019