Elan Ripstick 116 skis

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Product Overview

The Elan Ripstick 116 Skis have all the float and stability for the deepest conditions. Designed by athletes and pushed by the worlds best skiers, the Ripstick 116 will assault the steepest and deepest with reckless abandonment. As the widest ski in the collection, the Elan Ripstick 116 is a hard charging big mountain freeride ski that is sturdy, yet responsive, for top-to-bottom mountain exploring.

With Amphibio profile for exceptional maneuverability and confidence at speed, the Ripstick 116 is designed for the deep pow days we all seek. These skis cut through windblown, crud and cut up junk with ease due to the direct power transmission of SST sidewall technology. The addition of TNT technology combines woodcore from tip-to-tail, with carbon rods along each rail and vapor tip inserts in the tip and tail for light weight and less chatter. Designed for the biggest and deepest in the backcountry.

Tip/Waist/Tail: 143/116/132mm 
Lengths: 185, 193cm
Radius: 20.3m (2 185cm)
Weight: 1900 grams per ski


Elan’s unique TNT technology is a combination of innovations that provides the best balance of light weight construction with power and performance. The core of the TNT Technology is the Tubelite Wood Core with carbon rods along the edges of the ski, combined with Vapor Tip Inserts. The end result is an extremely lightweight high performance ski with exceptional power, cushioning and stability.

The Amphibio profile is a revolutionary ski design that integrates both rocker and camber profiles into dedicated left and right skis. Amphibio skis feature a cambered inside edge assuring precision, edge grip, and stability while a rockered outside edge provides forgiveness, turning ease and smooth transitions.

The SST Sidewall Construction provides quick, nimble and direct power transmission from the ski to snow as well as providing exceptional torsional rigidity.

To create the TubeLite Wood Core, two super lightweight Carbon tubes are inserted into a lightweight laminated wood core. Measuring 5mm in diameter and hollow in their construction, these tubes run along the length of the ski following the arc of the side cut. They provide torsional stability and powerful rebound while allowing for material reduction of the core. The result is incredible lightweight response and stability.

A Fibreglass reinforcement optimizes the flex pattern and enhances torsional rigidity of the ski. The fibers are positioned either above or below the ski core and improve the ski’s structural integrity.

Vapor Tip inserts are advanced composites that are integrated into the tip and tail area of the ski‘s core. These inserts reduce weight and vibration, dramatically improving stability and ensuring a smooth ride even in the most demanding conditions.

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// 21-11-2019