Faction Prodigy 1.0 Skis

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Product Overview

The Faction Prodigy 1.0 skis are a versatile all mountain ski for every riding. Built with a responsive poplar core, the Prodigy 1.0 is constructed to outlast even the strongest of riders on the meanest terrain.

With a freestyle-friendly width and sidecut to keep the skis feeling nimble and maneuverable, turn that 540 around to a 720 in a flash. Whether an amateur or aspiring pro, bring your skills to the hills with the Prodigy 1.0.

LENGTH:  152, 158, 164, 170, 176, 181, 187CM
RADIUS:  18M @ 181CM
WEIGHT:  1680G @ 181CM
DIMENSIONS:  120-90-112MM
FLEX:  7 out of 10
PROFILE:  tip and tail rocker
CAMBER:  3mm

A considerably skinnier tail width than in the tip provides ultimate downhill performance for attacking the mountain. A twin tip in the tail encourages playfulness and freestyle attitude, meaning you can ride switch without problem.

Extra edge thickness creates a pair of skis that are going to absorb shock and impact much better on rails and ledges than skis with standard edges. The result is a ski with a much higher life expectancy than most of the park ski population out there.

Create a reasonably light ski that grips great and feels snappy between turns - always maintaining a soft enough flex to pop, slash and butter all over the mountain.

They ensure much needed dampening characteristics in our softer, freestyle orientated skis, adding all the stiffness and torsional stability you could want without the environmental impact

Surf Zone tech unites Rocker and Tip Taper design to make sure these two key features work in harmony. Rocker provides float and facilitates pivoting, while a Tapered Tip moves the widest part of the ski closer to the centre and removes unwanted hooking.

// 21-11-2019