FW Outerwear


FW (pronounced "forward") creates high-quality outdoor gear to inspire and motivate you to explore the wild unknown. FW apparel champions performance and modern design while minimizing the impact on the natural playground that we love. They are committed to creating products that last, incorporating less impactful materials and extending garment life with a robust repair program. FW gear is defined by its extraordinary versatility, premium quality and proven performance, and forward-thinking, environmental construction. 

FW's leaders and designers come from the Alps, the U.S. Rockies, Japan, New Zealand and beyond with 100 years of textiles experience. The team consists of skaters, snowboarders, skiers, surfers, hikers, bikers, explorers. Their inspiration is drawn from daily life in the Alps, and a collective vision for how they wish to engage with the towering, jagged peaks.

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// 21-11-2019