Liberty Genome Skis

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Product Overview

The Liberty Genome skis are an ultra-fat powder ski with full tip and tail rocker, with camber and sidecut.

The Genome carves like a shorter, stiffer ski on hardpack, but has incredible float in the deep, with a progressively softer rockered tip and tail.

The tips and tails have been elongated for a shallower angle of attack, leading to an incredibly smooth and effortless ride.

At 141 mm underfoot, with a slightly stiffer tail, the Genome allows a more centered and athletic stance when riding or landing big drops. Smear turns down a big face and land switch in bottomless pow.

Dimensions: 170-141-158cm

181cm: weighs 2300g per ski, 25m turn radius

187cm: weighs 2400g per ski, 27m turn radius

194cm: weighs 2450g per ski, 29m turn radius

The Genome is backed by Liberty's industry leading 3 year warranty.

Bomb Rocker

Incorporates tip and tail rocker with positive camber underfoot for maximum ­floatation and playful feel, while maintaining hard-snow performance.


Bamboo laminated with poplar for light weight, durability, and liveliness.

78 Degree Sidwalls - Increased edge grip with the UHMW damping the 78 degree sidewalls. Sidewall construction is tough and affords the best combination of edge-grip and turning ease we have found. Bamboo - Laminated bamboo core gives tremendous rebound and energy while being environmentally friendly. CAB4 - A progressive, more centered stance. Durathane - a poly-urethane bumper to smooth out the ride and protect against topsheet chipping. Fiber Reinforced Polymer - We use mats of this dense material under the binding area to increase screw retention and add rigidity. HRC 48 edges - feature a wider profile with larger anchors for greater durability and longer life. PTEX 2000 - Fast and durable sintered base from the industry leaders. Quadaxial Glass - custom weave fiberglass creates tremendous torsional stability while allowing easy longitudinal flex to initiate turns and absorb terrain. While more expensive than other bi and tri- directional weaves, it enables the fine tuned flex characteristics of each ski. UHMW - Rugged and repairable sidewall material with a layer of rubber below for smooth riding and durability. UHMW is tougher than ABS and more difficult to work with, but can be repaired if you manage to gouge a hole in it. Bomb Rocker - Full tip and tail rocker with slight positive camber under foot for maximum float and versatility.

// 21-11-2019