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Product Overview

The LINE Sakana skis are a versatile all-mountain ski like no other on the market. With a 105mm waist and signature swallowtail design, the Sakana offers unmatched carving abilities paired with deep snow float.   With a unique shape that encourages a wide variety of turn shapes and reinforced with a Carbon Flax Tape for added edge hold, the Sakana Skis are equally at home maneuvering tight trees as they are opening it up on the windbuff of the high alpine. Shift perspective and embrace a fluid, refined ski experience unlike any other.   This is the best ski for all-mountain carving, slashing and just generally having a great time. 

Grab yourself a pair of Sakana’s and start drawing your own lines down the mountain.

All Line skis are backed by a 2-year warranty.


  • Lengths (cm): 166, 174, 181
  • Shape (mm): 150-105-138
  • Sidecut Avg (m): 15m @ 174cm
  • Stance (mm): -80.5 @ 174cm
  • Profile (mm): 10-4-0
  • Core: Partly Cloudy™ - A mix of tip to tail Paulownia & Maple wood
  • Base: 1.3 mm
  • Flex: Directional
  • Geometry: 5Cut™
  • Construction: Sidewall
  • Additives: Carbon Flax Tape; Aluminum Tail
  • Edge (mm): 2.1 x 2


  • 5-Cut Multi Radius Sidecut
  • Partly Cloudy Core
  • Directional Flex
  • Swallow Tail
  • Carbon/Flax Reinforcement

Ultra-High Density Polyethylene vertical walls over the edges absorb vibrations and provide powerful energy transmission.

FIVE different radiuses are blended into the ski’s sidecut. The result? A wide variety of turn shapes and an intuitive feel.

Carbon Stringers offset by Flax Taping create added stiffness without the pingy, deflective properties of Carbon.

The tip and tail lift away from the snow to bring the contact points closer to the center of the ski. This increases a ski's lift in deep snow and allows it to engage more quickly on hardpack when rolled over on edge. 

A dramatic tail knockout de-couples the farthest reaches of the effective edge while simultaneously forcing the tail of the ski down in soft snow. The result is a ski that can be ridden at shorter lengths without sacrificing performance.  An eye-catcher for sure in the liftline but it's not just eye-candy, Eric Pollard pushed for this design after experiencing its advantages in surfing and snowboard designs. The swallowtail design is as important as what it is as what it's not! The absence of material in the tail drastically reduces weight while the shape maintains a long effective edge for arching turns and staying in control. In powder, the tail drops you back in the snow lifting your tips for ample flotation while maintaining a neutral skiing stance so you're not in the backseat trying to stay afloat. For those concerned about durability have no fear, the tail is reinforced with titanal so stay in once piece.

A blend of lightweight Paulownia and Maple creating the best strength to weight ratio in our line.

Two years ago, Eric Pollard and LINE introduced the Pescado: an oversized powder ski with a swallowtail and massive fore body. The Pescado marked a drastic departure from the existing trajectory of one of the longest and most fruitful partnerships in ski design between LINE and Eric Pollard. After years of skiing and testing, LINE realized that the same design ethos that birthed the Pescado should not be limited to merely powder-specific applications.

Enter the Sakana: an all-new ski bred from the same DNA as the Pescado – only tailored towards a more all-mountain experience. Featuring a similarly styled tail knockout, the Sakana is a resolute paradigm shift ski design. At 105mm underfoot and featuring the same geometric principles of the Pescado, the Sakana can exhibit a variety of turn shapes. We introduced a Carbon Flax Weave and continued with the pushed back mounting point, allowing a skier to size down without losing edge-grip and power across all terrain and snow conditions.

We’re shapers, designers, and skiers. We’ve made it our mission to draw inspiration in realms previously ignored by our industry counterparts. And with the LINE Sakana, we have planted our flag firmly outside of the traditional dialectic of ski design.


What influenced Eric Pollard to design this ski?

Eric Pollard is a skier, a surfer and snowboarder who enjoys the beauty of a turn. This ski is the result of that pursuit to dictate what kind of tracks you’d like to leave on the mountain.


Because of the Volume Shift Principle:With a wide nose that planes easily over soft snow and an elongated effective edge combine to create a ski that can be sized down without sacrificing performance. In comparison the 174 will ski much like a ski in the 180cm range and the 181 will be closer to feeling like a ski in the 190cm range. In this case size doesn’t matter, it’s how you use it.


The Carbon/Flax Taping helps with the snappy feel and torsional stiffness at higher speeds, creating a stable platform. The damp high frequency vibrations and give the ski a more controlled, snappy feel. Flax itself is a really damp material, and pairing that dampness with the rigidity of Carbon gives you a much more controlled ski at any speed.


The aluminum Swallow Tail cuts down on weight and plunges the tail in soft snow, while the wide nose helps the tips plane. The shape and flex encourage variety of turn shapes. The ski can play at slow speeds, and engages quickly.


Eric Pollard not only drives the shape and performance of the ski, he also creates the art. A mix of matte & gloss inks creates a rich piece of art (you can ski on) with nods to fish of the northwest in the line art and the tail scales. The tip logo is a combination of Eric’s EP logo and the Japanese Kanji symbol for fish.


The Sakana has no age limit or specific skier that will enjoy it. Every type of skier will enjoy this ski for it’s intuitive shape and energy. We have gotten rave reviews from traditional ex-racers to young new-wave freestyle skiers who are looking to surf the mountain. Warren Miller said “A pair of skis are the ultimate transformation to freedom” and this ski does just that, it give you the freedom to paint the mountain as you choose it.


The Sakana has won a variety of awards in media whose testers and readers are focused on many different types of skiing. Freeskier Magazine loved its playful feel while Powder Magazine’s testers enjoyed its deep sidecut and variety of terrain it excels in. Blister Gear notes, “The edge hold on smooth groomers felt very good, and I had an absolute blast carving quick turns down the wide groomers under Telluride’s Village Express lift.”

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// 21-11-2019