Line Sick Day 94 Skis

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Product Overview

The Line Sick Day 94 all mountain skis float like a powder ski yet rips like a carving ski for skiers that want the best of both worlds. Its innovative light weight construction makes it one of the lightest alpine skis on the market while proudly maintaining 100% of it’s downhill performance and most important durability.

Whether you’re hiking the backcountry or skiing in-bounds, lighter skis saves your energy for more fun taking more runs. The wider tip and narrower tail in addition to the Early Rise keeps you effortlessly floating in the powder, with one-of-a-kind intuitive steering like your surfing a long board into the sunset. The deep sidecut and reliable flex pattern provides grip on the firm snow that’s second to none. 

The Line Sick Day 94 is an all mountain ski for any mountain on the east or west coast.

Length cm: 172, 179, 186
Shape mm: 130-95-115
Sidecut m: 18 (179cm)
Stance mm: -70 (179cm)
Weight: 1852 gr per ski (179cm)
Profile mm: 7-5-5 (Tip Early Rise-Camber-Tail Early Rise)

Early Rise
Thin Tip
Early Taper
Maplelite Macroblock
5-Cut Geometry
Sintered base
Directional Flex
Longer Active Edge 

// 21-11-2019