Line Sir Francis Bacon Shorty junior skis

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Product Overview

The Line Sir Francis Bacon Shorty is a real powder ski for junior skiers.  The SFB Shorty is available in smaller sizes for smaller skiers. No sacrifices here. 

ERIC POLLARD - "I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen kids all over the world tearing it up on skis that are not wide enough or too long. The Line Sir Francis Shorty skis are completely legit! It’s got all the same technology of the skis I ride - Early Rise & Early Taper, Macroblock wood core, great flex pattern, but this one is sized to fit you and at a price you’re parent’s can’t say no to. The future of our sport is going to be riding this ski." 

Lengths: 145cm, 155cm, 165cm
Dimensions: 133-107-129
Turn Radius: 14m (@155cm)
Stance: -30mm
Profile mm: 6-1-6 (Tip Early Rise/Camber/Tail Early Rise)
Weight: 3290gr per pair

4D Fibercap Construction
Early Rise tip & tail
Early Taper tip & tail
Extruded base
Aspen Macroblock Core
5 Cut Geometry
Symmetric Flex
Fatty Base & Edge

Product Videos

// 21-11-2019