Mammut Alugator Guide Avalanche Shovel

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Product Overview

The Mammut Alugator Guide Shovel offers the ideal balance between a robust, ergonomically shaped D-grip and a space-saving blade design for optimal shovel control. The variable shaft positioning also allows the shovel to be used as a 90° pick.

Shovel positions: SCOOP, CUT and HOE

Aluminum Blade Dimensions 27.5 x 21.5 cm

Handle material: Aluminum   
Length: 90cm
Folded length: 68cm
Blade width: 21.5cm
Blade length: 27.5cm
Handle length: 50cm
Weight [g]: 810   
  • Space-saving blade design
  • Stabilization ribs for maximum rigidity
  • Sharpened, tilt-resistant blade with integrated steps
  • Straight blade back – perfect for cutting straight snow profiles
  • Attachment holes for snow anchor
  • Hardened and anodized aluminum shovel blade
  • Oval telescopic shaft with integrated grip zone
  • Automatic zipper locking for quick, precise guidance during assembly
  • Ergonomically shaped D-grip for optimum shovel control

Product Videos

// 21-11-2019