Mammut Ride Removable Airbag Pack 30 Liter

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Product Overview

The Mammut Ride Removable Airbag Pack 30 Liter is designed for backcountry skiers. It comes complete with tons of functional features and is very comfortable to carry.

Removable Airbag System 3.0: ultra-lightweight (with carbon cartridge approx.1 kg); very small packing volume; removable and transferable; dependable compressed gas energy storage; height-adjustable deployment handle; airbag balloon in bright signal color.

30 liter capacity 
Weight with Airbag + Cartridge = 2510 grams

Safety leg loop V-frame 6 mm aluminum, adjustable 2-layer, high-density EVA back padding, hip and shoulder belts with stretch fabric cover
Removable, padded hip belt
Front pocket for avalanche safety equipment
Diagonal, stowable ski attachment
Snowboard carrier
2 front gear loops for material and helmet fixation
Side compression straps
Padded goggle pouch
Zipped inner compartment with key clip
SOS label with emergency instructions
Hydration system compatible
Aluminum frame for optimum load transfer
Thermoformed back for high wearing comfort
Stowable axe-pole carrier
Hip belt pocket
Attachment for ice-screw carabiners on hip belt

Base fabric: 420D Nylon
Upper fabric: 420D Nylon Tritan Ripstop
Back System: CONTACT V Frame

NOTE:  The 3.0 system is NOT compatible with Removable Airbag 2.0 backpacks from 2011-16.  Cartridge sold separately.  See options above.

The Removable Airbag System 3.0 is an avalanche airbag system based on a square, brightly-colored airbag that deploys behind the wearer’s head in seconds. The system is safe, easy to use, even lighter and smaller than before and can be installed in all Removable 3.0-compatible backpacks.

The airbag system itself weighs only 690 grams. Complete with its carbon cartridge, the system weighs just 1,010 grams.
Small packing volume: Fully integrated with the backpack. Does not get in the way of internal organization.
Complete flexibility: You can remove the system from the backpack and transfer it to other airbag backpacks. 
Dependable: Compressed gas energy storage is not affected by the weather or the temperature.
Screw-in the cartridge, system is immediately ready to use.
Trigger test tool included which allows you to practice deployment of the airbag

Airbag volume: 150 liters
Filling time: approximately 3 seconds
Range of use: -30 °C to +40 °C
With safety leg loop and height-adjustable and easily stowable T-shaped deployment handle.

Carrying Comfort: You can feel the difference
In the past, airbag backpacks meant compromises in terms of carrying comfort. Now even smaller, lighter and better integrated in the backpack than ever before, our Airbag System 3.0 means there is no longer any excuse for going out in powder terrain without an airbag. Throughout the entire backpack line, we have paid particular attention to the fit and the shoulder straps. 

Complete flexibility:
Mammut avalanche airbags still give you the option of removing the airbag system from the backpack and installing it in another compatible backpack. This allows you to select the right backpack each time for your chosen activity, or use the backpack for climbing or hiking in summer. Simplified and improved installation and removal of the system to make this step even easier for you. 

Always ready in an emergency:
The avalanche airbag is a piece of safety equipment that needs to work with 100% certainty and reliability in an emergency – irrespective of weather, temperature and external pressure. Only pressure cartridges offer precisely the reliability of a dependable energy store over a period of years. This technology also guarantees a very high initial pressure to unfold the airbag reliably even in situations of external loading. 

Initial pressure: 300 bar     
Inflation time: 3 seconds    
Filling volume: 150 liters      
Application range: -30° + 40° C

Inflation System 3.0
The Inflation System 3.0 describes the component used to deploy the airbag. The system activates the deployment mechanism which opens the pressure cartridge with a pin and fills the airbag. The integrated air volume amplifier also sends ambient air to the airbag in addition to the gas stored in the pressure cartridge.  One of our objectives for the new development was to bring the air volume amplifier and deployment mechanism together in a single housing in order to save space and weight. The inflation system is reliable, low-maintenance and extremely user-friendly: just screw the cartridge in and you’re ready to ski.

Deployment Handle 3.0 
In an emergency situation, deployment of the airbag needs to be fast and intuitive. The deployment handle is more intuitive to operate and is also height-adjustable to allow it to be adapted to the wearer’s body height.  The deployment handle is now a bright orange color to make it even more visible. There is no change to the tried-and-tested T shape of our deployment handle. The handle can be folded to allow compact storage in the shoulder strap.

The Airbag Balloon 3.0
The airbag balloon is the buoyancy device of the avalanche airbag and its volume can help reduce the burial depth or prevent complete burial. Since the balloon is exposed to the full force of the avalanche, as well as collisions with trees, shrubs or stones in some cases, it needs to be extremely robust. However, at the same time it also needs to be small and light enough to ensure it takes up as little space as possible in the backpack.  Neon orange is intended to make it easier to spot even in poor visibility.

Trigger + Training
Training with an avalanche airbag is essential in order to become familiar with the system and to be able to act quickly and intuitively in an emergency. It is particularly important to feel how strongly you need to pull on the deployment handle. The trigger test tool allows you to carry out deployments without a pressure cartridge to avoid having to continuously fold up the backpack.  We recommend at least one test deployment at the start of the winter season.  A free trigger test tool is supplied with each avalanche airbag.  The trigger test tool can also be ordered separately.

// 21-11-2019