Mammut Speed Lock 280cm Avalanche Safety Probe

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Product Overview

The Mammut Speed Lock Probe 280cm avalanche probe is lightweight and durable for reaching greater probe depths. This lightweight, compact and packable probe is made from durable aluminum for maximum probing effectiveness.  The Fast Lock Tensioning System is easy to operate, even with gloves on.

7-piece aluminum probe
Telescopic lock for quick and easy interlock
Quick and easy to deploy even with gloves
Includes carrying sleeve with instructions and printed emergency plan

Stable, lightweight probe segment made from durable aluminum 
Extremely precise probe scaling on both sides 
Durable tensile tensioning cord for maximum stability of the probe tensioning system 
Drop-shaped probe tip for energy-saving probing 
Fast Lock system – fast, individually lockable tensioning system

Weighs 300 grams
Length:  280cm 
Folded length:  45cm 
Number of segments:  7 
Diameter:  11mm 


// 21-11-2019