Moment Meridian 107 Skis

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Product Overview

The Moment Meridian 107 skis are your next all mountain daily driver.  Full rocker makes it alarmingly quick to spin around, and incredibly easy to drift through tight trees and steep chutes when there’s too little coverage to make a full turn. On firm snow, it’s simply a matter of tipping the ski over—because the further you go, the more edge you engage.

The Meridian is stiff to eliminate chatter and deflection at speed, but with full rocker, there’s no camber to flex through, so lighter skiers and mellow chargers won’t get bucked like they would on a big traditional ski.

The Moment Meridian skis are a slightly narrower version of the fully rockered, 123mm waisted Chipotle Banana. 

All Moment skis are proudly Made in the USA.

LengthTipWaistTailRadiusEffective Edge Weight (pair)Mount 
171cm 136 107 127 18.0m 1417mm 7.05lbs / 3.20kg -5cm
181cm 136 107 127 21.0m 1517mm 7.55lbs / 3.42kg -5cm
187cm 136 107 127 23.0m 1577mm 8.60lbs / 3.90kg -5cm

// 21-11-2019