Rado Racks Apres Vertical Ski Storage Rack

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Product Overview

The Rado Racks Apres vertical ski storage rack can holds skis, poles, helmets, backpacks, and much more. Perfect for a family or someone who just loves gear. There is nothing this rack cannot handle. Made from extremely strong Baltic birch.

Can hold adult skis, kid skis, powder skis, racing skis, and tele skis.

Includes everything you need to install on your wall. The holes pre-drilled screw holes and screws for easy mounting. 

All Rado Racks are handmade in Colorado.

Available models:
2 pairs of skis (18" wide)
3 pairs of skis (31" wide)
4 pairs of skis (44" wide)
5 pairs of skis (59" wide)

Rado Rack products are back by a Lifetime warranty.

// 21-11-2019