Tyrolia Adrenalin 14 Touring Ski Bindings

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Product Overview

The Tyrolia Adrenalin 14 alpine touring ski binding provides a level of skiing performance never before seen in an AT binding. Precise downhill control combined with ideal mechanics for easier walking provide better balance, more secure grip and the ultimate force transmission to make this binding of choice for backcountry skiers. The Adrenalin gives you unparalleled uphill performance without compromising the downhill stability you need.  The Adrenalin knows no boundaries.

The Adrenalin 14 bindings are compatible with both touring and alpine boots, a maximum DIN of 14, and the ability to switch to skiing mode without having to step out of the binding.

It is ideally suited for ski widths 80mm and wider. This extra wide platform enhances stability and direct force transmission to provide the perfect integration to wider freeride skis.

The transition from skiing to hiking is incredibly fast, easy and convenient, and can be done in every type of terrain without stepping out of the binding. Simply use the tip of the ski pole to move the highly visible, confidence-boosting Ascender Lock system to change between climbing and ski mode.

The IN-Control climbing bar can easily be operated with a ski pole and is clearly visible for the skier. It can be positioned in three angles for optimal climbing position to match the mountain:

  • 0 degree angle – for walking in even terrain
  • 7 degree angle – for slow rise
  • 13 degree angle – for steep climbs 

The climbing bar is positioned directly under the heel, which offers incomparable stability and direct force transmission.

Stand Height: 39mm
DIN: 4-14
Weight: 2420g (Short), 2440g (Long)

FR Pro Toe
AFS Metal
Hiking Platform
NX FR Heel
Climbing Aid

The Adrenalin touring bindings are available in two sizes: 

  • SHORT (S): fits ski boot sole length of 270-330mm
  • LONG (L):   fits ski boot sole length of 300-360mm 

Four different brakes are offered with the Adrenalin (brakes are INCLUDED):

  • 85mm, 95mm, 110mm, 130mm
  • The brakes can be easily exchanged without any additional tools. 

The newly developed Freeride Pro Toe with its special construction and lateral spring provides an optimal and ergonomic center of rotation for ski touring. It provides effortless walking and climbing. Mechanical adjustment of the toe’s gliding element (AFS) and automatic adjustment of the heel allow adaptation to both alpine and touring boot sole norms. The 68mm AFS is wider, resulting in a broader contact area to the ski boot sole and thus providing more stability, more direct power transmission and ultimate skiing performance. A stainless steel gliding element and two rollers provide the superior safety features with the rapid and exact boot re-centering that skiers expect - the perfect tool for a day in backcountry to explore the mountains.

The TYROLIA Adrenalin  touring bindings come with the Freeride (FR) Pro Toe with its ergonomic pivot position for an optimal tilt up to 90 degrees. This system provides effortless walking over short distances.

Freeride Pro Heel provides unmatched force transmission and stability. 

The Adrenalin 14 bindings come with extra wide 80mm heel track with 60mm of length adjustment. 90 degree toe pivot means effortless touring and free flex sliding rail for natural ski flex. 

The heel can easily be adjusted to different boot sole lengths without any additional tool and covers a wide range of seven ski boot sizes.

The Freeflex function which allows the ski to flex as it is designed to do so it can retain its natural dynamics. Freeflex is enabled by the free gliding plate that runs within the titanal heel track and is supported by the center of rotation of the binding toe.

Crampons (three widths: 90mm, 105mm and 120mm)
Can be mounted to improve grip in steep and icy terrain (sold separately). Placed directly behind the binding toe under the ball of the foot. The unique combination of titanal alloy and high-tech plastics provides low binding weight but maximum stability and durability.

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